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Pandemic Protocols / COVID19 Safety Plan


To establish personal, social, and workplace protocols that must be followed as part of the Return-to-Work Plan during the time of a pandemic/epidemic outbreak.


This policy applies to all permanent employees and to contractors who have been assigned workstations in the Conwest offices, as specified herein.

Personal Protocols

  • Practice good hygiene: frequent hand washing, avoid touching one’s face; respiratory etiquette; disinfect surfaces after personal use.
  • Masks are recommended when moving through common areas.
  • If you have symptoms of illness, you must follow Public Health Orders and stay at home until those symptoms have completely disappeared, no exceptions (see Sick and Injury Leave Policy).
  • For individuals at increased risk (over 60 years old or compromised immune systems), take extra precautions; use masks, stay home if deemed necessary.
  • Immediately report to HR any contact you may have had with a direct COVID Exposure and follow the Sick and Injury Leave Policy.

Social Interaction Protocols

  • Masks are recommended in congregate social settings (kitchen/lounge) and all common areas (bathrooms/ hallways/ boardrooms). 
  • It is recommended that outside guests wear masks when moving through common areas. 
  • Continue to restrict trades to evenings or weekends whenever possible.  It is recommended trades attending the office during office hours maintain a physical distance from employees when possible and must wear a mask.

Workplace Protocols for the “New Normal”

  • You must adhere to the Sick and Injury Leave policy when you have symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 and must NOT report to the workplace.  Prepare to self-isolate for a minimum of 48 hours before testing.
  • Workstation seating has been designated to an employee; do not share or relocate unless directed by HR.
  • It is recommended boardroom windows be kept open during meetings for maximum air flow.
  • Window and door to be open when Gym is in use.
  • Gym equipment must be wiped down after use with medical grade wipes provided.
  • It is recommended all windows in the office be open during the day for maximum air flow.
  • Staff to wipe down boardroom tables/chairs after every use. 
  • Follow signage for proper use of the Elevators.


All employees and contractors are expected to comply with these protocols given the serious nature of a breach of the policy.

Conwest reserves the right to modify this and all policies, procedures, and protocols as required.