Updated Core Protocols and COVID-19 Safety Plan – for the “New Normal”


To establish personal, social, and workplace protocols that must be followed as part of the Return to Work Plan during the time of a pandemic/epidemic outbreak.


This policy applies to all permanent employees and to contractors who have been assigned workstations in the Conwest offices, as specified herein.

Personal Protocols for the “New Normal”

  • No handshaking as the new normal.
  • Practice good hygiene: frequent hand washing, avoid touching one’s face; respiratory etiquette; disinfect surfaces after personal use.
  • Except when eating while physically distanced in the kitchen, masks are mandatory in all commons areas, including the Gym.
  • Maintain reasonable physical distancing (minimum of 2 meters) as much as possible; no queuing at the coffee station.
  • If you have symptoms of illness you must stay at home until those symptoms have completely disappeared, no exceptions (see Revised Sick and Injury Leave Policy).
  • For individuals at increased risk (over 60 years old or compromised immune systems), take extra precautions; use masks, stay home if deemed necessary.
  • If you take transit, remember that masks are mandatory, and consider wearing gloves while travelling.
  • Keep your social circles small to respect your fellow co-workers.
  • Immediately report to HR any contact you may have had with a COVID Exposure and follow the Revised Sick and Injury Leave Policy.

Social Interaction Protocols for the “New Normal”

  • Ensure congregate social settings (kitchen/lounge) and common areas (bathrooms/hallways/ boardrooms) maintain physical distancing. Maximum occupant loads for each space are:
    • Small View Boardroom – no more than 2 people meeting
    • Large View Boardroom – no more than 8 people meeting
    • Inside Boardroom – no more than 3 people meeting
    • Collaboration Space – no more than 10 people meeting
    • Copy Room – no more than 2 people to use the Copy Room at one time
    • Gym – no more than 3 people working out at one time
    • Kitchen – no more than 10 people to use the kitchen/lounge area at one time
    • Accounting Office – no more than 6 people to use the space at one time
    • Guests – maximum 10 per day, subject to advance approval of Health Screening Declaration
    • Maximum occupant load for entire office – 40 people

Note, the occupancy limits will be posted on the rooms and available on our website.

  • Whenever possible do not have outside guests attend meetings in-person. Restrict number of outside guests attending a meeting to ensure physical distancing measures can be followed, and in keeping with the maximum occupant load for the entire office.  All meetings with external guests must be approved by your Manager.  The Small View, Large View, and Inside Boardrooms are to be used for meetings with outside guests wherever possible.  The Collaboration Space is intended for internal meetings.
  • Outside guests and trades must always wear a mask.
  • Restrict outside trades to evenings or weekends whenever possible. Outside trades attending the office during office hours must maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from employees.
  • ALL outside guests and ALL trades to submit COVID-19 Screening Declaration prior to visiting Conwest Offices (link https://conwest.com/covid-19/prescreening/).
  • Refrain from external lunch meetings with external people. If necessary, keep these meetings with others to a minimum and only in spaces where distancing measures and Public Health guidelines can be followed.
  • Buffet-style lunches are discouraged, individually packaged lunches per person only.
  • Attending external events is prohibited including all seasonal events such as open houses, luncheons, parties, and industry events

ALL outside guests and ALL trades to submit COVID-19 Pre-Screening Checklist prior to visiting Conwest Offices.

Workplace Protocols for the “New Normal”

  • You must adhere to the Revised Sick and Injury Leave policy when you have symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 and must NOT report to the workplace. Report symptoms to COVID Clinic and prepare to at least self-isolate for a minimum of 48 hours before getting tested.
  • All workers are required to use touchless Purell dispensers located at the entrances when entering the office, wear a mask, and complete the Health Screening Declaration daily.
  • Workstation seating has been designated to an employee; do not share or relocate unless directed by HR.
  • In-person meetings with outside guests are only permitted when critical, use technology for virtual meetings.
  • Internal meetings should only occur in meeting rooms where distancing can be maintained. Person-to-person meetings held at desks/private offices are discouraged. All attendees are to wear a mask regardless of where the meeting is held and whether distancing can be maintained.
  • Masks are required when using the Gym. The window and door must be kept open during workouts regardless of inclement weather.  Equipment must be wiped down after use with medical grade wipes provided.
  • It is recommended all windows in the office be open during the day for maximum air flow.
  • Staff to wipe down boardroom tables/chairs after every use.
  • Follow signage for proper use of the Elevators – only 2 people in the guest elevator or 4 people in the freight elevator at one time, standing in the designated corners as marked, allowing passengers to exit before entering, and waiting 2 meters away and apart to use the elevator.
  • Ensure increased cleaning throughout the day. Receptionist will wipe down common equipment and door handles throughout the day.  Janitorial staff have been instructed to deep clean the premises at every visit.


All employees and contractors are expected to comply with these protocols given the serious nature of a breach of the policy.

Conwest reserves the right to modify this and all policies, procedures, and protocols as required.